We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Kick-Off Meeting for the EDGES project, scheduled to take place from January 29th to January 30th. This inaugural meeting marks the beginning of an exciting journey as we embark on the EDGES project: “Entangling Indigenous Knowledges in Universities.”

The primary objective of this event is to bring together researchers from various institutions who are part of this groundbreaking project. During the meeting, we will delve into the specifics of Horizon Europe’s Staff Exchanges – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions program. Additionally, we will present and discuss the theoretical aspects and practical challenges inherent to the EDGES proposal, as well as the objectives of each Work Package.

Moreover, this event presents a unique opportunity to introduce you to the Scientific Committee and Social Advisory Board, crucial pillars of the EDGES project. We will also unveil the communication strategy that will guide our efforts over the next four years as we work to weave indigenous knowledge into the fabric of university education.

Stay tuned for updates and insights from this event as we set the stage for this ambitious endeavor. We look forward to the collaborative and multidisciplinary work that lies ahead and the positive impact it will have on the integration of indigenous knowledge in universities.