What moves us

Indigenous knowledges are crucial for coping with current global crises, such as climate change, loss of biocultural diversity and rise of xenophobic nationalisms. This pivotal historical moment requires multi-centred thinking and action, bringing together the multiplicity of Indigenous and academic expertise. Universities and academia are critically important in developing knowledge, education, and policy directives. Consequently, EDGES adopts those significant arenas to respectfully advance innovative, collaborative methodologies and new strategies for the entanglement of Indigenous knowledges in research, teaching and policy-making institutions. While there have been efforts to foster dialogue with Indigenous knowledges, these experiences remain elusive, local and not structurally transformative, as the shortcomings of multiculturalism and interculturality have demonstrated. How can we question the existing frameworks and develop new and effective entanglements of knowledges that draws from different epistemologies?


EDGES addresses this question through six different analytical layers with the significant participation of Indigenous academic researchers and the active collaboration of Indigenous intellectuals and experts. The project contributes to a pluralist and multi-scale approach to knowledge production, research and dissemination through symposiums, workshops, mini-courses, open-access scientific publications, policy recommendations and social media. It will provide critical tools for universities, schools and communities to foster critical dialogue with Indigenous peoples and other cultural minorities by entangling Indigenous knowledges into university curricula and praxis, contributing to the education of future generations, and improving policies and science renewal.