Centro De Investigaciones Y Estudios Superiores En Antropología Social (CIESAS) Mexico​

Olivier Le Guen


Professor in Linguistic-Anthropology at the CIESAS (Indo-American linguistics) in Mexico City. Specializes in studying the Yucatec Maya culture and language and the Yucatec Maya Sign Language. His multidisciplinary research integrates methods from anthropology, linguistics, and cognitive psychology to explore how culture and language can influence human cognition, specifically through social interaction. He obtained his PhD at the Nanterre University (Paris) in 2006 and conducted two postdoctoral positions in 2006 at Northwestern University and at the MPI for Psycholinguistics in the Language and Cognition Group.

Hilario Chi Canul


Research Professor of Mayan Language and Culture at the Department of Humanities and Anthropology of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Quintana Roo. Master in Bilingual Intercultural Education, from the Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Bolivia. Currently, a doctoral student in Indo-American Linguistics at CIESAS-CDMX. Native speaker of maaya t’aan (Yucatec Mayan) and native from the Mayan community of Naranjal Poniente, Quintana Roo, Mexico. He is a Mayan-Spanish-Mayan translator and interpreter in federal courts and tribunals in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. His lines of research are linguistic and cultural socialization of maaya t’aan, linguistic vitality and revitalization, teaching of maaya t’aan as a second language and Mayan narratives.

Ruth Jimenez Nina


Currently dedicated to language teaching and research in anthropological linguistics. Her areas of research are sociolinguistics, the teaching of indigenous languages, linguistic revitalization, the semiotics of culture and the organization of Quechua discourse, particularly epistemiticity and evidentiality, within the framework of Conversational Analysis. She is Quechua from Bolivia, a linguist, and researcher and activist of the language.

Rodrigo Petatillo Chan


Doctoral candidate at CIESAS researching “Una aproximación a los expresivos multimodales en el maya yucateco”. He is a linguist, anthropologist, and digital activist originally from Kopchen (Q. Roo, Mexico). He has studied Yucatecan Mayan for more than 10 years and has a degree from the Intercultural Maya University of Quintana Roo. He also has a master’s degree in Indo-American Linguistics (CIESAS) with the thesis “Los predicados complejos en el maya yucateco,” where he focuses on the semantics, morphology, syntax, and phonology of this compound.