Fundação Universidade Do Amazonas (FUA) Brazil​

Thiago Mota Cardoso


Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Programme in Social Anthropology at the Federal University of Amazonas. Coordinator of the Anthropology of Life, Ecology and Politics Laboratory – COLAR. He has been conducting anthropological research and projects with indigenous peoples and traditional communities in the Brazilian Amazon and Atlantic Forest since 1998. His research themes are on environment, knowledge, territorialities and political ecology.

Gilton Mendes dos Santos


Justino Sarmento Rezende


Post-doctoral in Social Anthropology (PPGAS/UFAM) for the Heritage and Territoriality Project among the Waiwai people and a member of the Indigenous Amazon Studies Centre (NEAI/UFAM). He has a Doctorate in Social Anthropology (PPGAS/UFAM). He is from the Ʉtãpinopona (Tuyuka) people, originally from the village of Yaiñiriya (Onça-Igarapé), district of Pari-Cachoeira, municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas. 

Rosijane Moura