Intermedia Producciones

Mariano Agudo


Holds a degree in audiovisual communication from the University of Seville and is a founding partner of Intermedia Producciones, where he directs documentaries. He has focused his professional work on the documentary genre. His films give a voice to these silenced realities, offering a perspective marked by aesthetic and ethical commitment. His work has focused on the recovery of the historical memory of the losers of the Spanish Civil War, the cruelty of Europe’s southern border, and the rights of indigenous communities over their territories. Latest filmography WÄNDARI (2022); HORACIO, THE LAST MAYOR (2021) and LA BÚSQUEDA (2018).

Miguel Paredes


Founder and partner of Intermedia Producciones, a production company located in Seville that specialises in the documentary genre. Since 1998, he has been engaged in Production and occasionally Directed tasks.